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Van-express is a prominent Van forwarder that provides shippers with the opportunity to utilize our vast network of vans throughout Europe.

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Our area of expertise lies in spot freight transport and contracted lanes, and our primary objective is to provide our customers with superior value by accomplishing numerous successful transports throughout Europe on a daily basis.

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Van Express is a team of experts in land and express transport with a strong network covering the whole of Europe, and with its partners its managed over 200.000 orders delivered to 32 countries.

With Van express we are able to provide services and customer service in the 5 most spoken and essential languages in Europe.

Our team is customer focussed and creating the best solution for you, with over 14.000 vans we are always able to create the best solution for your demand.

Our team is very experienced and is always providing the best and most tailored solution for the customer.With a team knowing all European legislations we are able to provide solutions in multiple industries in Europe.

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Van Express has a network with over 16.000 vans covering the whole of the Europe with our partners we are able to provide a door to door service anywhere in Europe, and we are able to deliver a Van within 4 hours to any of the industrial zones in Europe.

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